How it all began!

  In 2010, we embarked on a journey to create a BBQ sauce that was different from the run of the mill sauces so widely known.  It took almost four years for us to perfect the flavor profile for a mustard based sauce that has the ideal balance of savory, tangy and sweet.  In 2014, we went into commercial production and RippleMan’s Rib N Dippin Sauce was born.    
With a heavy emphasis on tomato based sauces on the market like commonly known Memphis and Kansas City styles, it became our vision to offer our local BBQ fans and connoisseurs something a little different from the majority of the sticky sweet varieties sold commercially and found in a lot of BBQ restaurant chains.  That also goes for the other end of the spectrum with the thin and vinegar heavy mop sauces and the honey mustard styles that are popular in some parts of the Carolinas and further north.  We consider RippleMan’s a cross between a Carolina and a Texas style sauce.  It remains full flavored but not too tangy or mustard forward and not too sweet as well.
As certified judges for the Florida BBQ Association, we've judged BBQ competitions around the Southeast since 2011 and both agree that there really is a need for someone to break into the competitions with a less sweet sauce for turn in boxes.  In 2013, we cooked with a local cook team for a charity event and placed first in pork.  It is our hope to work our way into the hearts, minds and mouths of other judges and cook teams as well as BBQ connoisseurs with RippleMan’s Rib N Dippin Sauce.   
Our sauce is commercially bottled in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida at Endorphin Farms and we take pride in the fact that our label reads “All Natural Ingredients” because we do not use additives such as MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Xanthan Gum or Anti-Caking Agents.
We have added two dry rubs to our line of products.  Each rub has received huge accolades from our customers.  Shake It Shake It Sugar Free is a smoky and savory blend that is excellent on beef and chicken while Ramble On Rub is a savory and sweet combination that is perfect on pork, chicken, seafood and even on popcorn. We really like to use a 50/50 blend of both rubs to achieve a well rounded seasoning profile that hits on all the flavor notes.
We truly have enjoyed the journey so far and look forward to the future as more and more people get to know us and our products.
If your grill is full...May it be again! Cheers to great Que!